adjective: morphologic

Relating to the form or structure of things.

Morphologic is a boutique tech company based in Yorkshire with specialist experience of business operations and digital transformation.
Our origin


Our founder and Managing Director, Emma Adair, established Morphologic in 2020.

Having spent her career as a sought-after Business Development and Transformation Consultant, she saw a need in an often complicated and costly marketplace for an intelligent no-code solution. A solution that puts organisational information right where it needs to be – in the hands of staff working on the ground.

Emma found she was encountering many organisations with complex and inaccessible BI systems that monopolised organisational intelligence, ring fencing it for all but the most technical and senior people. 

Understanding both the pressures of large-scale operational delivery and the IT systems which underpin them, she also knew how many of the available solutions were missing the mark.

And so, the idea for Morphologic was born – a user-friendly solution focused not on database management, but on what really matters to the people in any organisation; information that develops organisational understanding and empowers your people to strive for better decision-making and operational excellence.

The human element

What's our secret?
Great people.

Our dedicated team has grown around this vision for better organisational intelligence for everyone.

Now we include design, development, cyber security, and client services specialists among our number. We have a wealth of experience in sectors including tourism and culture, health and social care, local government, transport, criminal justice, employment and skills, data science, engineering, and infrastructure.

Which means we really understand the importance of organisational intelligence, and the barriers to unlocking its full potential. We’re interested in doing great work with like-minded clients, in understanding your organisational challenges and helping you build solutions that really make a difference.

Our values

At Morphologic, our principles and our people are at the core of everything we do. We put our customers first and pursue the highest quality in our products and services.

Always Trusted

By our customers and partners.

Doing the right thing

For our planet and communities.

Striving for excellence

In everything we do.

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Morphologic team?

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