Rapidly create software applications and data that work for your business

Design and develop business applications that transform the use of your organisational data. Our no-code platform uses a unique design to support the delivery of outcomes rather than just automate process.

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Why Morphologic?

Morphologic is an entirely no-code platform that brings your organisation's operators closer to the delivery of business applications.

Our unique metrics framework design and machine learning-driven insights will enable you to make better decisions at every level of your organisation.

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What is Morphologic?

Morphologic is our cloud-based, software as a service platform with an intelligent, no-code design. It enables the rapid development of business applications to easily collate organisational data and deliver insights for high-value decision making.

Our unique, intuitive interface allows your teams to have full control over the design of their software, reducing reliance on your IT department or a software supplier. By using Morphologic, you can empower your staff and bridge the technology and operational skills gap.

Built-in machine learning and analytics enhance applications to continuously inform actionable and data-driven improvements through highlighting trends in real time, offering an accessible alternative solution to complex business intelligence software.

The Morphologic platform is above all else an effective product that can improve all aspects of your business, loved by the people who use it every day.

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Morphologic business applications

Here are some examples of how Morphologic can be used by businesses.

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Understanding Organisational Capabilities

Evaluate skills and capabilities and monitor changes over time.

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People Development

Analyse ongoing employee information and progression opportunities to support retention.

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Baselining and Tracking Progression

Assess criteria and track progress against targets to drive continuous improvement.

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Analysing Customer Behaviour

Generate insights to better understand customer needs and drive growth.

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