Operational Intelligence, Revolutionised

Operational Intelligence, Revolutionised

Unlock valuable organisational intelligence with Morphologic's fast and flexible no-code platform

Unlock valuable organisational intelligence with Morphologic's fast and flexible no-code platform


What is Morphologic?

A revolution in Operational Intelligence

We’re on a mission to help organisations democratise their operational intelligence. So, we built Morphologic, a cloud-based, software as a service platform with an intelligent, no-code design. 

An accessible alternative to complex business intelligence software, with Morphologic you can rapidly build powerful solutions to better understand the things that matter most to you;

Real insight, right away

Our intuitive interface gives you full control over the design of your software. Meaning no more waiting for under-resourced IT departments or overpriced software developers.
And, Morphologic is optimised for maximum speed, so there’s no more waiting for sluggish systems to collate your information. Just real insight, right away.

Empower your team

Give your people the tools they need to quickly develop relevant intelligence solutions.

Collect and analyse

Gather information in real-time to drive high quality, confident decision-making.

Set targets

Monitor progress for individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Share intelligence

Ensure that you are sharing organisational intelligence effectively and that it is used responsibly.


A flexible interface your team will love

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, Morphologic gives you the flexibility to design applications that truly fit your business model and operational processes.

No work-arounds, no compromises.

Helping you

Harness Your Insight

Organisations in every sector can fall into the trap of building and reinforcing intelligence silos. It’s a familiar story. You know you have great people in your team, but identifying them? That’s another story.
And let’s not get started on how to tap into, collate, and analyse their vast organisational knowledge alongside that of your customers and suppliers.
Morphologic is here to help you harness the wealth of intelligence already available to you.

Value for everyone to see

Research shows that respondents are more likely to participate fully in information gathering when they understand the mutual benefit.
Which is why our page builders and dashboards have been beautifully designed to help you communicate clearly and demonstrate just how valuable the information you’re collecting is.

Create the data you need

Join the growing community of clients and partners already using Morphologic to build amazing applications that transform the way they create, collect, and interrogate operational intelligence.

Learning Needs Assessment

Evaluate skills to understand organisational capabilities and monitor changes over time.

Employee Development

Analyse ongoing employee information and progression opportunities to support retention.

Operational Excellence

Assess criteria, build baselines, and track progress against targets for continuous improvement.

Customer Insight

Map customer behaviour to better understand their needs and drive growth.

Social Value

Capture and quantify the true depth and breadth of the social value you're delivering. Plus, understand how your environmental impact mitigations are performing.

Organisational intelligence at your fingertips

What could you build with Morphologic?

Book a call with our team today to find out.